Blackboard™ 2.0 Smart Scan Reusable Notebook with Folio

Infuse boldness into every sketch of an idea with this never-ending notebook.

  • LCD writing surface and stylus work in harmony for fluid writing
  • Save notes with just a scan of your smartphone
  • High-contrast, vibrant green writing on a dark display
  • A free, best-in-class companion app saves and shares written work
  • Folio cover snaps securely into place with built-in magnetic attachment feature
  • Simply close the cover for added security until ideas and notes are ready for sharing
  • Built-in magnetic stylus holder
  • Option to upgrade with the Smart Pen add-on

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Save with a Scan, Erase with a Tap

Access the Blackboard app to activate the scan feature using your smartphone camera. Simply scan and save written work before erasing. Then, tap the eraser-end of the stylus to the bottom right-hand corner (features a small Boogie Board scribble) to erase notes, clear the board, and start a fresh “page.”

Ditch the Distractions

For those ready to monotask, not multitask. Smart Scan promotes focused productivity. It has just the right level of connectivity to stream and save notes without the distraction of multiple browsers, windows, and pop-ups.

Start a Paperless Workflow

Centralize multiple paper notebooks into one reusable and smart option designed with a long product lifespan. Eliminate the endless cycle of paper waste and ongoing spending on notebooks that often get half-filled before becoming trash.

Lean Into Low Power Usage

There’s no need for charging cords for this reusable smart notebook. Blackboard 2.0 is “always on” and also in a constant state of dark mode – making it ready for note- taking at a moment’s notice.

Travel Without Worry

An integrated stylus lock-switch function provides an added layer of security during travel – keeping the stylus firmly in place and attached to the board during commutes, flights, and even bike rides to the office.


Streamlined in design and seamless to navigate, Blackboard 2.0 Smart Scan is a reusable smart notebook that helps you merge the cognitive benefits of hand-writing notes with the power of digitization. Preserve pages of notes in the form of digital files for increased efficiency at home, the office, or on campus. Blackboard 2.0 is slim, lightweight, and built for taking on the go.

If this is your first foray into the world of reusable notebooks, think of Blackboard as an elevated “one-stop-shop” designed with the most essential features and functionality to help you get started. Ditch the countless pages of paper, ink pens, and charging cords, and embrace the reusable smart writing solution that saves notes with a simple scan.

Simply access the scan feature via the free Blackboard by Boogie Board app for iOS and Android. Notes and sketches can be saved as PDF or JPEG files, easily organized, and ultimately shared with contacts. Up your productivity game with Blackboard 2.0 thanks to the app’s integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Slack, and OneNote.

Blackboard 2.0 Smart Scan will quickly replace your piles of paper notebooks and earn the title of “go-to” writing tool thanks to its intuitive design, sustainable format, and focused features. Enjoy endless “pages”, a dark mode writing surface to spark creativity, and high-contrast, vibrant green writing that’s unmistakably bold. Experience the fluidity of a fountain pen with the added benefits of a magnetic stylus holder, an integrated lock-switch function for travel, and the option to add on upgrades like the Smart Pen at any time.


  • One 8.5”x11” (216mm x 279mm) Blackboard 2.0 Smart Scan Reusable Notebook with a writing surface of 7.5”x10.5” (191mm x 267mm)
  • Stylus included
  • Buttonless erase feature using patented LCD technology
  • Magnetically attaching folio included
  • A hidden erase button (beneath the board’s Scribble icon) for use in the absence of the stylus
  • Magnetic built-in holder keeps Smart Pen in place
  • Works together with free Blackboard companion app
  • An integrated stylus lock-switch function provides an added layer of security

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