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The clippable, collectible kids doodle board

Welcome to the new face of doodling with Sketch Pals. The perfect travel companion, Sketch Pals feature a tethered stylus and easily clip to any backpack or car seat for on-the-go entertainment without the need to keep up with separate pieces. Explore all the Sketch Pals Collections and unleash creative fun wherever you may go.

Sketch Pals™ for Kids

On the go friends that keep your kids occupied and encourage creativity and open play. Perfect for kids who want to use their imagination in motion.

Girl running with Lilly Sketch Pal on backpack

On The Go

Each Sketch Pal comes with an easy to use rubber clip for safekeeping on lunch boxes, backpacks, and more.

Boy at table with Rawry holding stylus

Attached Stylus

The included stylus is connected to the board with a coiled cable so kids don't need to worry about losing it.

Girl writing on Sketch Pals with stylus

Write with Anything

Want to share the fun? Inspire collaboration when friends can write with anything, even their fingernail.

Mom and daughter on bench outdoors with Ocean Friends Sketch Pals

Push to Erase

Start fresh with just the push of the Sketch Pals' nose. Clear the board with no marks or ghosting left behind.

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