The Ultimate Reusable Smart Notebook

Image of Blackboard Letter with Smart Pen - Folio and writing on display - app icons and app displayed on phone

Smart Scan

Scan with your Apple or Android device to save your writing to the Blackboard app (iOS and Android).

Smart Pen

Instantly save your writing to the Blackboard app. Simply tap to complete the page and press the button to erase at any time.

Close up of Blackboardf Letter with writing

Write. Reuse. Repeat.

Blackboard Smart can be used over and over again. Write in your own handwriting and save your notes to your Apple or Android device with Smart Scan or Smart Pen. Simply write, erase, and repeat.

No Mess. No Clutter.

Unplugged Experience. Connected Technology. Blackboard Smart is an easy-to-use device made for writing and drawing. Always on and ready to use. No cords or outlets needed. No distractions.

Close-up of Blackboard stylus on board with folio closed
View of woman writing with Blackboard Smart Pen on Blackboard Letter

Enhanced Analog.

Write with the Blackboard Stylus and simply scan with your phone to save with Smart Scan.

Want an even easier experience? Upgrade to the Smart Pen and watch as your notes seamlessly sync to your device. Tap the © to move to the next page.

When you’re ready, press the button to instantly clear the Blackboard Smart!

Your Handwriting, Saved.

Blackboard Smart allows you to write with your own handwriting on a paper-like surface, and save to your device instantly.

First Class App Experience

The Blackboard app offers a smart way to save, store, and share your notes and drawings. The app is free, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with cloud-based notetaking programs.

Not a fan of cloud storage? Keep your notes safely tucked away with the internal storage folders within the app!


Free Blackboard app includes internal storage folders to keep your notes safe. Or, use our free connectors to top tier cloud-based software like DropBox, EverNote, OneNote, and Google Drive. Learn more about the Blackboard app.

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