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The reusable smart notebook that saves your ideas digitally.

Close up of someone using the Blackboard Smart Pen on a Blackboard Letter with Carbon Copy template

Connected Notetaking

Blackboard Smart technology upgrades the simplicity of Blackboard reusable writing tablets with the ability to save your pen strokes directly to your phone. No need to take out your phone and scan, instead the pen automatically captures your handwriting to the Blackboard app. Compatible with the original Blackboard Letter and Note sizes.

pen writing icon

Write your notes in your own handwriting

upload icon

Tap the © to save wirelessly and start a new page

erase icon

Erase completely with the press of a button

folder icon

Easily organize in folders on your phone

Blackboard Smart Technology

Blackboard Smart Pen with Cap removed

Blackboard Smart Pen

Captures handwriting with embedded smart camera

Stream notes through Bluetooth to Blackboard app

Turns on automatically when cap is removed

Charges with Micro-USB cord (included)

TIP! When you write, hold the pen so the stylus tip is either at the top or the bottom, not sideways, to ensure clear transfer to your phone.

Blackboard Smart Carbon Copy Templates

Uses embedded code to transmit handwriting

Blank, lined, dot grid, or planner styles

Must be used with a Blackboard tablet

TIP! Tap the © icon on the carbon copy template to start a new page. You must tap the © or your pages will overlap on the app.

The Blackboard App

Capture Your Writing, Drawing and Sketches

The free Blackboard App captures your work by scanning it with your phone's camera. Have a Blackboard Smart Pen? Save your notes and doodles wirelessly via the Blackboard app.

Share your work

The updated Blackboard app can now share automatically with Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and OneNote (iOS Only)! You can also share your work as a PDF or image through email, messages and more.

Edit, Organize and Search

Use the Blackboard app to keep your notes organized in folders, markup with comments, and search for documents. You can also merge and split documents for easy organization.

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