Introducing VersaNotes - Image of 3 Versanotes and a VersaPen

Groundbreaking technology, endless possibilities

VersaNotes attached to a magnetic strip and a monitor in an office
Overhead view of many VersaNotes on a white table

VersaNotes™ Technology

Thin reusable notes that stick to anything magnetic. Tap to clear. Reuse without sticky residue or smudging pen marks.

Erasing teh VersaNote by tapping the corner with the VersaPen

Tap to Clear

VersaPen allows you to clear the VersaNotes anytime with just a tap! No smudging or ghosting left behind.

3 VersaNotes attached to Refigerator Door


Each VersaNote is magnetic to easily stack and stick to refrigerators, metal cabinets, and more.

Hand bending VersaNote

Versatile Use

Thin, adaptable, and durable so you can use them at home or in the office.

Overhead Multiple VersaNotes on white table


Use over and over again. Nothing to throw out or replace - just erase and write again.

VersaNotes - A Lifetime of Sticky Notes - Made in the USA - Image of pile of sticky notes and VersaNotes

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