The memo board to keep your life effortlessly organized.

4 VersaTiles on a wall above a desk

It’s not about leaving a message. It’s about making a statement.

Life is fast. And hectic. And exciting. But most of all, life is shared with family, friends and loved ones. VersaTiles fits into your life to make it more beautiful, informed and organized. Make them your go-to memo boards to get your family on the same page for movie night. Hang them on the wall to show off your artistic skills. Or use as the decorative memo board to make sure you don’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning – again. Any way you use them, VersaTiles memo boards will change the way you make a statement.

Wall of room with 2 VersaTiles on wall above a small table with bowl of popcorn
Woman attaching magnetic stylus to side of wall mounted VersaTile

VersaPencil™: The stylus that sticks around.

One thing is almost universal when it comes to stylus pens – they will be misplaced or lost at some point. The VersaPencil is the exception to that rule because it magnetically attaches to the side of the VersaTiles memo board. No clips to break. No tethers or strings to bind you.

Finally, a memo board that erases completely.

When it’s time to clear your VersaTiles memo board to make room for your next statement, simply tap the “eraser” end of the VersaPencil to wooden triangle in the lower right side of the VersaTile to unlock the QuickClear technology and erase the screen completely, and permanently. There’s no more wiping or ghosting marks left behind.

Woman tappung end of stylus against bottom corner of VersaTile to erase it

4 stylish colors. Millions of messaging opportunities.

Sometime the best statements are delivered without saying a word. And that has never been more true than it is with VersaTiles’ four decorative colors. Match or complement the décor of your home, office or dorm room, or make a bold declaration and let them stand out.

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