Blackboard 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Blackboard™ 2.0 is powered by cholesteric LCD technology to create a fluid, freeform, and paperless note-taking experience. Simply use the included stylus or Smart Pen to sketch out your ideas. Blackboard 2.0 works in perfect harmony with its companion app to transform all written notes and drawings into digital files. The board of a single Blackboard 2.0 provides an infinite number of pages and just the right amount of smart connectivity (minus the multiple chargers and endless scrolling).

Blackboard™ 2.0 offers two unique methods – and corresponding product SKUs – for saving your written work. For Smart Pen Set, the included Smart Pen leverages Bluetooth connectivity to instantly save notes to the Blackboard companion app. For Smart Scan, you save notes using the app’s scanning feature, which is accessed through your smartphone.

The Blackboard™ 2.0 Smart Pen Reusable Notebook Set includes a Smart Pen writing tool that saves notes automatically while you write (requires Bluetooth connection) and comes with a built-in magnetic folio cover to protect your investment in style. The Blackboard™ 2.0 Smart Scan Reusable Notebook allows you to save your notes by scanning them with your smartphone, using the Blackboard app. Smart Scan does not have a folio included, but one can be purchased separately.

Blackboard™ 2.0 offers two different versions based on how you prefer to save your notes and your desired level of connectivity. You can choose between the Smart Scan method (less connected) or the Smart Pen method (Bluetooth connected System), depending on your preferences and needs. Should you purchase Blackboard 2.0 Smart Scan and decide that you’d like to upgrade, you can purchase the Smart Pen separately and sync it to your board (which will automatically convert your version to have the same capabilities as the Smart Pen set).

Both versions offer a high-contrast, vibrant green writing experience on the notebook's black writing surface. The Smart Pen version includes a Smart Pen writing tool that works in perfect harmony with the board, while the Smart Scan version includes a pen-inspired stylus for writing.

No, Blackboard™ 2.0's dark mode is always on, eliminating the need for charging cords or routine charging. Blackboard 2.0’s low power consumption LCD tech makes it convenient for continuous use without worrying about battery life. If you purchase the Smart Pen set, you will need to charge the Smart Pen from time to time, depending on how frequently you use it.

Yes, you can easily share your notes from Blackboard™ 2.0 by transforming each page into individual digital files through the companion app. This allows you to save, access, and share your notes – in either an image or PDF version – with others.

As long as you have the smartphone on you that has the Blackboard companion app installed, you will be able to revisit and access your saved notes at any time. The Blackboard companion app is free, compatible with leading cloud-based storage solutions – including DropBox, EverNote, OneNote, and Google Drive – and has built-in features for organizing and sharing files with contacts.

While the original Blackboard remains a best-in-class reusable smart notebook, the new Blackboard 2.0 features a streamlined design, thoughtful optimizations, and refined UX changes – based on customer insights and research – to help foster focus, creativity, and mindful productivity.

Key changes include …
- A template-free design (smart code is now embedded directly into the board’s design to help save paper and provide a blank canvas)
- A buttonless UX (work is now erased with just a tap of the board)
- Solutions for magnetically securing your stylus, Smart Pen, and folio cover are now integrated directly into the product’s design

With proper care, Blackboard 2.0 should easily outlive its estimated product lifespan of five years.

To save notes using the Smart Pen set, simply tap the tip of the Smart Pen to the bottom right-hand corner (featuring the Boogie Board scribble icon). Next, use the eraser-end of the Smart Pen (its cap) to tap the same icon to erase notes entirely and bring up a fresh “page.”

The Blackboard 2.0 Smart Pen should take approximately 90 minutes to full charge. If the pen battery is completely drained, likely the LED indicator will not light up. If this is the case, then we’d recommend charging it overnight. If
this doesn’t work, try doing a hard reset: hold down the power button for 10 seconds, charge the pen again overnight, and then turn on the pen manually the next morning.

  • Download the Blackboard app for iOS and open.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is on, on your mobile device.
  • While the Smart Pen cap is still on and the Smart Pen is turned off, manually press the power button and hold it until the LED indicator on the pen is blinking blue. This indicates the pen is in pairing mode.
  • Press the Pen icon in the bottom left corner. A pop-up window will show up. Select Connect Pen.
  • From there, the app will walk you through the pairing sequence.
  • Download the Blackboard App for Android and open.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is on, on your mobile device.
  • While the Smart Pen cap is still on and the Smart Pen is turned off, manually press the power button and hold it until the LED indicator on the pen is blinking blue. This indicates the pen is in pairing mode.
  • Press the pen icon that is top circle on the right hand side of the app. A pop-up window will show up. Select Connect Pen.
  • From there, the app will walk you through the pairing sequence.
  • If you have issues pairing your pen to your Android device, try placing the pen approximately 12 inches from the phone.

If you use the Smart Pen five days a week, for three – four hours each day, you will need to recharge the pen once a week. It should take no more than 90 minutes to fully recharge. Using less than five days a week will result in less recharging being required.

To save your notes with the Smart Scan version, simply use the app’s scanning feature – accessed through your smartphone camera – to scan and save your written work before erasing. Next, tap the eraser-end of the stylus to the bottom right-hand corner (featuring the Boogie Board scribble icon) to erase notes and bring up a fresh "page."

The replaceable battery used in Blackboard 2.0 is a CR2025 Coin Cell Battery. The battery compartment can be found on the bottom edge on the right-hand side. To access it, simply unscrew the screw and swing out the battery door.
The Blackboard Smart Pen also has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery (non-replaceable) that can be charged via the micro-USB port located on the bottom of the pen (Smart Pen charging cord is included with purchase).

The plastic-free packaging for Blackboard 2.0 is made with FSC-certified paper materials and can be recycled. The smart notebook board itself should be disposed of using methods common to other electronic devices that do not contain heavy metals or other hazardous materials. Disposal of the battery should be addressed separately. The proper disposal method for the CR2025 Coin Cell Battery may vary according to the nation or U.S. state where disposal occurs. Consult local agencies for disposal guidance as well as potential recyclability of some components.

Should you be in a situation where you are without your Smart Pen or writing stylus, there is a hidden erase feature beneath the Scribble icon on the board (bottom right corner) that will clear the board.

Along with the 14-day satisfaction guarantee, Kent Displays, Inc. | Makers of Boogie Board warrants Blackboard 2.0 Smart Pen against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal consumer use for a period of 90 days from the date of original purchase. Click here for more info.

We recommend using a microfiber cloth to wipe down the board and folio when needed. If you need something more heavy duty, non-bleach cleaning wipes can be used on the board’s writing surface.

We recommend storing Blackboard 2.0 on a shelf or in a drawer, where nothing is placed on top of the board or the folio cover. This will help protect the notebook’s writing surface from scratches, dust, and risk of damage – ultimately, extending the product’s potential lifespan.

We’re proud to have a live customer support team at our headquarters. Please e-mail us at and someone will be in touch shortly to help.

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