General Questions

Let us help you out! Please contact our support team.

No, you cannot. The entire writing surface is cleared when the erase button is pushed.

Visit our Where to Buy page for a complete list of authorized sellers.

We only recommend using our Boogie Board stylus to prevent scratches to the writing surface.

Yes, Boogie Boards eWriters are safe for use by young children. All case and writing surface materials are made from impact resistant plastic. All case components are made from an ABS plastic material commonly used in many other consumer products. The LCD has passed toxicology assessment for safety.

The Boogie Board eWriter is designed for use indoors, so it's not recommend for outside due to the damage it may occur.

If your Boogie Board stops erasing please, check the batteries. After replacing the batteries and screen is still not clearing please contact our support team.

Care & Maintenance

We recommend using a small amount of LCD cleaner, found at most major retailers. When using this product, do not spray the writing surface directly. Spray a small amount of cleaner onto the cloth and apply moderate pressure in a circular motion starting in the center of the writing surface working to the edges.

The Boogie Board eWriter should be disposed of using methods common to other electronic devices that do not contain heavy metals or other hazardous materials. Disposal of the Li/MnO2 (Lithium/Manganese Dioxide) battery should be addressed separately. The proper disposal method for the battery may vary according to the nation or U.S. state where disposal occurs. Consult local agencies for disposal guidance as well as potential recyclability of some eWriter components.

Kent Displays has made a concerted effort to make our packages as recyclable as possible. Still, some components may not be recyclable. We continue to explore other packaging designs and materials to minimize non-recyclable components.