Jot™ Pocket Writing Tablet - Shimmer Collection

The best-selling reusable writing tablet for on the go, now in three glimmering shades

  • Take doodles to a dreamy next level.
  • One part fashion accessory, one part creativity tool.
  • Fasten to backpacks & bags using the attached carabiner clip.
  • Write with the stylus or your fingernail.
  • Clear completely with the push of a button.
Blue Shimmer
Pink Shimmer
Purple Shimmer
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Clip, create, and go!

Jot™ Pocket Shimmer Collection is perfect for tweens, teens, and anyone who loves a little sparkle! Clip the mini writing board onto any bag for on-the-go doodles, games, lists, and more.

Write with anything

Jot™ Pocket Shimmer Collection uses Boogie Board’s® LCD technology, which means you can write with anything you have handy – the included shimmering stylus or even your fingernail!

Unplug from screens

There are no cords or chargers with Jot™ Pocket Shimmer Collection. This trio of glimmering writing boards is perfect for passing notes and playing games with friends – without the distractions of plugged-in devices.

Push to clear

When you’re ready to start writing or doodling again, just push the button to activate Boogie Board’s® QuickClear™ technology. There’s no need to wipe anything away or use special erasers.


Jot™ Pocket is the best-selling reusable writing tablet with a 4.5” screen perfect for on-the-go doodles, lists, and notes. Available in three glimmering shades, this product’s new Shimmer Collection is one part fashion accessory, one part creativity tool.

Because the writing tablet uses Boogie Board’s® patented technology, you can write with the included shimmering stylus or even a fingernail. When you’re ready to erase, just push the button and the writing tablet clears itself using Boogie Board’s® QuickClear™ technology.

The Jot™ Pocket reusable writing tablet includes a kickstand feature using the stylus. There are also no plugs or chargers taking up space.


  • One (1) Jot™ Pocket reusable writing tablet with 4.5” screen with built-in stylus holder and attached carabiner clip
  • One (1) stylus
  • One-touch button that activates Boogie Board’s QuickClear™ technology
  • Built-in kickstand feature

Common Questions


What instruments can I use to write on the Jot Pocket?
We recommend using our Boogie Board stylus, but any soft-tipped tool or even a finger will work. Nothing sharp as to prevent scratches to the writing surface.

How do I clean my Jot Pocket?
We recommend using a small amount of LCD cleaner, found at most major retailers. Do not spray the writing surface directly. Spray a small amount of cleaner onto a cloth and apply moderate pressure in a circular motion starting in the center and working to the edges.

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