Jot Pocket

The original, pocket-sized paperless writing tablet

  • Jot Pocket is perfect for your on-the-go ideas, lists and doodles.
  • WRITE WITH ANYTHING: Write with the included stylus or even your fingernail. No need for a pen, or markers.
  • ERASE INSTANTLY: Push the button to erase and watch the Jot instantly clears itself.
  • ALWAYS READY TO WRITE: There’s nothing to plug in or charge so it’s always on, ready to write and is tough as nails.
  • AUTHENTIC BOOGIE BOARD QUALITY: The paperless writing tablet uses Boogie Board’s patented, pressure-sensitive LCD writing technology, which offers a natural writing experience and a bright, durable screen that lasts for years.
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Jot Pocket Blue
Jot Pocket Pink
Jot Pocket Gray
Jot Pocket Tribal
Jot Pocket ZigZag
Jot Pocket Unicorn
Jot Pocket Bones

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Simply write & erase

The ultimate paperless writing tablet.
No pens. No mess. Instant erase.

The original paperless writing tablet that lets you jot things down without wasting paper -- now in pocket size for your on-the-go to dos!

Ready for your to go to do lists

Take your Jot Pocket on the go—keep it in your car, purse or yes, even your pocket. The pen easily clips on so it’s not bulky and won’t be lost easily.

Writes just like a pen on paper

Writing with the stylus feels just as natural as writing on a paper notepad. Or you can write using your fingernail, a pen cap or anything you have handy!

Erase with the push of a button

Push the top button and watch the Jot wipe itself clean. You’ll never find any messy erase marks—it stays as clear as the first day you got it. 

Mess-free solution for your on the go needs

With a bright, easy to see display and an inkless pen, Jot is an easy-to-use, durable and lightweight solution for your car or purse. 

Always ready to write, wherever you are

Because there’s nothing to plug in or charge, you don’t have to worry about leaving it in your car or purse. Plus, that means the Jot is always on and ready to use!

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