Jot Kids

Best-selling reusable writing tablet with a kid-friendly cover

  • With fun colors and a hard cover, this reusable tablet is perfect for kids’ handwriting practice, taking quick notes or playing games with the family!
  • Kids can write with anything, including the stylus, a pen cap or even their fingernail.
  • With the push of a button, the Jot Kids instantly clears itself. There are no erase marks or wiping needed!
  • The bright, durable display and integrated kickstand feature, as well as magnets, makes this a great writing tablet for all your kids’ projects.
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Jot Kids Blue
Jot Kids Orange

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Simply write & erase

The ultimate electronic writing board.
No pens. No mess. Instant erase.

The world’s #1 electronic writing tablet.

Simply write and erase.

Writes electronically.
Erases at the touch of a button.

Write now. Anywhere.

Ultra durable. Lightweight.
No pens. No paper. No mess.

Magnets put it on display.

Nifty kickstand feature
makes sure it won't be missed.

Nothing to plugin or charge.

Replaceable battery lasts years.
Always “on” and ready to write.

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Boogie Board Jot

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