Blackboard Smart Notebook Set - Letter Size

The surprisingly simple smart notebook with smart pen and companion Blackboard writing tablet

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The Blackboard smart notebook is the easy-to-use reusable smart notebook and pen that saves everything you write and streams it wirelessly to the Blackboard app for iOS and Android.

The Blackboard smart notebook set in Letter size includes:

  • The Blackboard smart pen featuring Carbon Copy technology, which captures everything you write and instantly turns on when the cap is removed
  • Blackboard Letter reusable writing tablet with the blank Carbon Copy smart template, which allows the pen to work with the writing tablet
  • Blackboard folio Letter size

When you write using the smart pen on the Blackboard writing tablet with the smart template, the smart pen instantly streams it wirelessly to the Blackboard app for iOS and Android.

Once your notes sync in the app, you can edit, save and share as well as organize into easy to access folders.

  • One Blackboard smart pen featuring Carbon Copy technology with an LED status indicator and lithium polymer battery
  • Micro USB charging cord
  • One Blackboard Letter writing tablet with 8.5"x11" semi-transparent writing surface
  • One Blackboard folio in Letter size
  • One blank Carbon Copy smart template made with premium synthetic paper and are embedded with a special code to capture everything you write
  • One Blackboard Smart Pen Holder
Side view man using Carbon Copy Smart Pen at table

The simplest smart experience

The Blackboard smart pen set is simple to set up and use—all you need to do is turn the Blackboard smart pen on and start writing on the Blackboard writing tablet with the Carbon Copy smart template. Then sync to the Blackboard app to access all your notes!

Saves everything you write

The Carbon Copy smart template that attaches to the Blackboard writing tablet is specially coded to allow the smart pen to capture every stroke you write or draw.

Writing on Blackboard with Carbon Copy Template and App Open on phone
Overshoulder man writing at desk viewing app

Perfect for the busy professional whether working from home or in the office

Blackboard smart pen set is perfect for writing notes, marking up documents or sketching out ideas – all without using paper. No more paper notebooks cluttering up your desk!

Save & organize instantly

Sync your Blackboard smart pen to the Boogie Board Blackboard app for iOS and Android to upload, organize and share all your notes.

Closeup man using App with captured data on screen

Blackboard Smart Notebook Letter Accessories

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