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Guide your child's innovation & creativity

From early scribbling to doodling and shapes to freeform drawing and handwriting skills, Boogie Board tablets are there to help guide your child’s innovation and learning processes.

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Unplug and become immersed in open creative play.

The playroom is a place where a child can be free from rules and expectations. Children can nurture their own imagination and creativity with freeform play and a blank canvas to draw, write, and game offline.

Our Play Products:

  • Foster Imagination and Inspiration
  • Enhance Writing Skills
  • Freeform Doodle and Drawing
  • Create Your Own Games
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Explore a world of inspiration and guided discovery.

Boogie Board’s creative tablets and activity kits transform your kids’ activities corner into a place where anything is possible with a little guidance and a ton of inspiration.

Our Create Products:

  • Foster Creativity and Learning
  • Tracing and Drawing
  • Starting the Alphabet and Writing
  • Fun with Game Templates
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