How to Use Blackboard Writing Tablets

Blackboard: The ultimate writing tool

Blackboard by Boogie Board is the ultimate writing tool. It’s Liquid Crystal Paper that writes electronically without ink or paper. Write on included templates like lines, grids, and more. Or write, trace, doodle, and create on anything – like documents, photos, even digital screens!

Setting up Blackboard for First-Time Use

Before you begin using Blackboard, practice these simple instructions and calibrate exact-erase to make sure you get the most out of your Blackboard writing experience.

Writing & Erasing

Blackboard offers two satisfying ways to erase your work - Clear and Exact-Erase. This video shows you how they both work. The Exact-Erase function on Blackboard lets you erase just a portion of your work, similar to erasing like pencil. Exact Erase should be calibrated on first use and this video will show you how!

Using the Lock Switch

Blackboard has a Lock Switch which protects your work from accidental erasing. Sliding the Lock Switch to the right disables both the clear and the exact-erase functions. The red indicator on the Lock Switch tells you that Blackboard is locked and that your work is protected.

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