VersaNotes™ Reusable Notes 4X4 Starter Pack

The innovative reusable note starter pack

  • Write, erase, and reuse over and over again.
  • Thin, adaptable, and durable for use in the office or home.
  • Curved and magnetic corner makes it easy to hang and grab quick notes or reminders.
  • Choose from Tri-Color or Iconic Boogie Board Green on Black color.
  • VersaNotes should be used on a hard, flat surface, just like paper!
Iconic Black

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Use over and over again. Nothing to throw out or replace - just erase and write again.

Tap to Clear

VersaPen allows you to clear the VersaNotes anytime with just a tap! No smudging or ghosting left behind.

Versatile Use

Thin, adaptable, and durable so you can use them at home or in the office.


Each VersaNote is magnetic to easily stack and stick to refrigerators, metal cabinets, and more.


Save on wasteful paper sticky notes by keeping the innovative VersaNotes close by to reuse over and over again. Erase with the tap of the VersaPen. Write with the uniquely designed VersaPen for clean lines. The patented Clean Writing Technology ensures that you don’t have to worry about spills and messes blurring your paper notes or smudging your dry erase notes. Simply write, remember, and erase when needed!

VersaNotes are thin, flexible reusable notes that stick to anything magnetic. No residue or washing off sticky backing every time you use them like other reusable sticky notes. They’re durable and reusable so you can write and erase over and over again. No replacing dry erase markers or running out of ink.

Since VersaNotes are designed to be reused, one pack can replace endless paper sticky notes that often end up in the trash can. Not only is this great for reducing landfill waste, it also means one purchase of reusable notes can outlast multiple purchases of regular paper sticky notes – saving money and time!

Ready to kick-start your VersaNotes experience? The VersaNotes Starter Pack comes with either three VersaNote in each color: Cobalt Blue, Ruby Pink, and Sunrise Orange, or 3 VersaNotes in Iconic Black - plus includes the VersaPen for seamless writing and erasing. Each VersaNote is four inches by four inches and includes its own magnetic plate that easily sticks to any surface. The perfect size for notetaking and reminders throughout the home and office.


  • Three (3) 4X4 VersaNotes in TriColor or Iconic Black
  • Three (3) Magnetic Mounting Plates
  • One (1) VersaPen
  • User Guide

Common Questions


Can I erase without the VersaPen stylus?
At this time, the VersaPen stylus is required to erase the VersaNotes.

What do I do if I've lost my stylus?
Visit our Accessories page to purchase a new one.


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