Basics™ Writing Tablet

Upgrade Your Note-Taking with Basics Writing Tablet!

With an 8.5” screen, Basics allows for effortless writing—write with anything and clear the screen with a button press. It’s portable and clutter-free, and designed for durability. Basics is perfect for capturing quick notes and ideas at home or anywhere.

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Overhead view of someone writing on a Boogie Board Basics

Write with anything

Basics uses Boogie Board’s LCD technology, which means you can write with anything you have handy--the included stylus or even your fingernail! No special markers required.

Push to clear

When you’re ready to start writing again, just push the button to activate Boogie Board’s QuickClear technology. There’s no need to wipe anything or use special erasers.

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Cyan Basics on an office desk

Great for your desk

Because Basics has a battery, there are no cords or chargers taking up space!

Tested for quality

Basics writing tablets have been extensively tested for durability and long-lasting use.

Mother showing letters of teh alphabet to son on a Basics


Simplify Your Everyday Note-Taking with the Basics Reusable Writing Tablet!

Basics is the original authentic reusable writing tablet featuring a generous 8.5” screen, perfect for capturing notes and ideas you might otherwise forget. Whether it’s a quick list, a memo, or a creative sketch, Basics has you covered.
Effortless Writing and Instant Erasing: With Boogie Board’s innovative LCD technology, you can write with the included stylus or even your fingernail—no special markers needed. When you’re ready to start over, just press a button, instantly erasing the screen.
Clutter-Free and Portable: Keep your workspace tidy and take it anywhere–No plug or charger needed. It’s perfect for your desk, your bag, or on-the-go note-taking.
Tested for Durability: Designed for quality and longevity, Basics has been rigorously tested to withstand everyday use, making it a reliable tablet for all your writing needs.

Why Choose Basics? It’s a versatile, durable, and convenient solution for all your note-taking needs. Enjoy a simpler, more efficient way to capture your thoughts and ideas!


  • One (1) Boogie Board Basics reusable writing tablet with 8.5” screen
  • One (1) stylus
  • One-touch button that activates Boogie Board’s QuickClear™ technology

Common Questions


Does Basics come with magnets?
No, The Basics Writing Tablet comes with just the tablet and stylus.

What do I do if I've lost my stylus?
Visit our Accessories page or contact our support team.

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