VersaNotes™ Desk Organizer

The all-in-one desk organizer designed just for VersaNotes™

  • Never misplace your VersaNotes™ or VersaPen™ again.
  • Easily combine, contain, and centralize your collection into one spot.
  • Stylish, streamlined, and crafted with durable materials to withstand any office environment.
  • Holds up to six 4x4 VersaNotes™ in the front and up to six 4x6 VersaNotes™ in the back.
  • A rich blue hue and embossed texture adds a premium pop of color to any desk space.
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Streamline Your Workspace

This all-in-one organizer was tailor-made to keep VersaNotes™ and VersaPen™ stored together – so you can skip searching and focus on the project at hand.

De-Clutter with Centralized Storage

The VersaNotes™ collection was built to eliminate the clutter and waste of paper notes. Its new desk organizer lets you streamline your setup and uncover even more workable space.

Enjoy Beautiful and Modern Design

Sleek in design with a premium embossed texture, VersaNotes™ Desk Organizer provides substance, not flash, to desktops. The product’s understated blue hue is a calming complement to any color palette.


You asked, we listened! VersaNotes™ and VersaPen™ now have a custom storage solution just for them.

This two-row desk organizer houses your VersaPen™ and both sizes of VersaNotes™ in one sleek storage solution that adds an elevated look to any desktop. Designed with clean lines and a minimalist feel, VersaNotes™ Desk Organizer can hold up to six 4x4 VersaNotes™ in the front and up to six 4x6 VersaNotes™ in the back.

Crafted in a rich blue with an embossed texture, this color complements the four shades of VersaNotes™ that may be stored in it as well as a variety of workspace aesthetics.


  • One Desk Organizer with two rows to hold 4x4 VersaNotes™ in the front and 4x6 VersaNotes™ in the back
  • Dedicated storage spot for VersaPen™
  • Available in Blue
  • Embossed texture and clean lines for a modern look
  • Dimensions: 4.7" * .4" * 2.05"

Common Questions


Can I erase without the VersaPen stylus?
At this time, the VersaPen stylus is required to erase the VersaNotes.

What do I do if I've lost my stylus?
Visit our Accessories page to purchase a new one.


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