Jot™ Pocket Writing Tablet - Shimmer Collection

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You’ll Love the Jot™ Pocket: The Ultimate Shimmering Writing Tablet

Unleash your creativity wherever you go with the Jot™ Pocket Shimmer collection. This cool writing tablet has a compact 4.5” screen and it's perfect for capturing your spontaneous doodles, jotting down notes, or making fun lists on the go.

Clip, create, and go!

Jot™ Pocket Shimmer Collection is perfect for tweens, teens, and anyone who loves a little sparkle! Clip the mini writing board onto any bag for on-the-go doodles, games, lists, and more.

Write with anything

Jot™ Pocket Shimmer Collection uses Boogie Board’s® LCD technology, which means you can write with anything you have handy – the included shimmering stylus or even your fingernail!

Unplug from screens

There are no cords or chargers with Jot™ Pocket Shimmer Collection. This trio of glimmering writing boards is perfect for passing notes and playing games with friends – without the distractions of plugged-in devices.

Push to clear

When you’re ready to start writing or doodling again, just push the button to activate Boogie Board’s® QuickClear™ technology. There’s no need to wipe anything away or use special erasers.


Here’s why the Jot™ Pocket is a must-have: It's stylish and Fun! Choose from three eye-catching shades in the Shimmer Collection that make it not just a writing tablet, but a trendy accessory! Attach it to your backpack or bag with the handy carabiner clip, and you're ready to shine. Draw or write with the special shimmering stylus or even your fingernail! It’s so easy and fun to use, you’ll want to doodle all day long.

When you’re done with a doodle or note, just press the button, and the screen clears instantly – Quick and Easy! Forget about dealing with plugs or chargers. The Jot™ Pocket is always ready when you are.

Best-Selling Fun: The Jot™ Pocket is a favorite of teens and tweens! It’s designed for on the go, providing endless fun and creativity without the mess of traditional paper. Jot Pocket makes a perfect gift combining style, convenience, and creativity in one fantastic writing tablet. Get ready to take your doodles to a new level!


  • One (1) Jot™ Pocket reusable writing tablet with 4.5” screen with built-in stylus holder and attached carabiner clip
  • One (1) stylus
  • One-touch button that activates Boogie Board’s QuickClear™ technology
  • Built-in kickstand feature

Common Questions


What instruments can I use to write on the Jot Pocket?
We recommend using our Boogie Board stylus, but any soft-tipped tool or even a finger will work. Nothing sharp as to prevent scratches to the writing surface.

How do I clean my Jot Pocket?
We recommend using a small amount of LCD cleaner, found at most major retailers. Do not spray the writing surface directly. Spray a small amount of cleaner onto a cloth and apply moderate pressure in a circular motion starting in the center and working to the edges.

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