Jot™ Combo Pack

Jot™ Writing Tablet (Color)
Jot Blue
Jot Gray
Jot Pink
Jot Bahama Blue
Jot Flamingo Pink
Jot Maroon
Jot Teal
Jot Gold
Jot Lunar Gray
Jot™ Pocket Writing Tablet (Color)
Jot Pocket Blue
Jot Pocket Pink
Jot Pocket Gray
Jot Pocket Lunar Gray
Jot Pocket Bones
Jot Pocket Unicorn
Jot Pocket ZigZag
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Save on Jot & Jot Pocket writing tablets paired together

  • Dual purpose for home, office, or on the go.
  • Write with the stylus or your fingernail.
  • Clear completely with the push of a button.
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Perfect for any member of the family

Jot is Boogie Board’s best-selling reusable writing tablet that’s perfect for quick lists, reminders, family game nights—the list goes on and on!

Write with anything

Jot uses Boogie Board’s LCD technology, which means you can write with anything you have handy–the included stylus, a pen or even your fingernail! No special markers required.

Push to clear

When you’re ready to start writing again, just push the button to activate Boogie Board’s QuickClear technology. There’s no need to wipe anything or use special erasers.

Great for any home or office

Because it has a thin replaceable battery, there are no cords or chargers taking up space!


The Jot Combo Pack is the perfect kit for the new Jot user or current Jot lover!

This pack includes a Jot and a Jot Pocket.


  • One (1) Jot reusable writing tablet with 8.5” screen and stylus
  • One (1) Jot Pocket reusable writing tablet with 4.5” screen and stylus
  • One-touch button that activates Boogie Board’s QuickClear™ technology

Common Questions


Can I replace the battery for the Jot?
Yes. The Jot writing tablet requires a 3v CR 2016 coin cell watch battery. It can be easily removed by unscrewing the cover on the top of the Jot. The Jot Pocket does not have a replaceable battery.

What do I do if I've lost my stylus?
Visit our Accessories page or contact our support team.

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warning iconWARNING
If swallowed, a lithium button battery can cause severe or fatal injuries within 2 hours.
Keep batteries out of reach of children.
If you think batteries may have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.

warning iconWARNING
Small Parts
Not for children under 3 years.

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