Sketch Pals™ Doodle Board - Norah the Narwhal

The clippable, larger kids doodle board

  • Perfect for keeping kids occupied with doodles and games.
  • Rubber clip attaches to car seats or chairs for easy storage.
  • Clear completely with the push of a button.
  • Write with the attached stylus or your fingernail.
  • Semi-Transparent Screen.
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Sketch pals banner image with logo and kids with Sketch Pals clipped to backpack

Perfect for kids who love doodling

Keep kids occupied without screen time! Plus, never worry about losing the stylus since it is attached to the doodle board.

Write with anything

Made with Clean Writing Technology so that kids stay mess free – they can write with the attached stylus or even their fingernail! No messy ink or markers.

Erase with the push of a button

When they’re ready to erase, simply press Norah’s nose and watch as the QuickClear technology completely erases the board. No streaky lines or smudging.

Collect them all!

With a variety of Sketch Pals to choose from, kids will have a tough time choosing their favorite. Norah is the first larger Sketch Pal!


Need a mess-free way to keep kids busy at home or on the go? Sketch Pals are friendly doodle board buddies that kids love to draw, write, and play games on!

Norah the Narwhal is the best big sister to Noa, her Narwhal little sister! Norah is a leader and a great friend, helping her pals and her sister to do the right thing, love one another, and take care of our planet.

Norah is an easy to use and easy to carry large doodle board that keeps kids occupied in a creative way. This larger writing tablet is made for kids who are able to freely create by using their imagination for drawing, writing, and games. Encourage their creativity and imagination without screen time!

Made with an easy-to-use clip to attach to the back of car seats, the back of desk chairs, and more, kids can doodle with the attached stylus for easy sketching without worrying about losing the pen. They can also use any scratch-free instrument, like a fingernail! When they’re ready to erase, simply press Norah’s nose and watch as the QuickClear technology completely erases the board.


  • One (1) Norah the Narwhal Sketch Pals doodle board with rubber clip
  • One (1) attached stylus
  • Ages 4+

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