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September 27, 2023

FPO - This is a Placeholder Press Title

Travel Planning Templates

Summer travel is in full swing! As the travel industry picks up speed in the warmer weather while school is out, more and more people are feeling the travel bug. Using handwritten planners can help you stay organized and on top of your travel plans. There are so many options for using handwriting for your trip in addition to the quick travel planner and traditional packing checklist.

Quick Travel Planner

Set up a general travel plan by writing out a quick summary of each day’s plans in their own box or circle and add any general notes that you need to remember about the trip. This quick planner is meant for quick notes and summaries, not the details of every hour.

Travel Budget Planner

Keep track of your travel budget in one easy template. Set up your sheet in a spreadsheet format. Each row will be a line item for your budget (ex. food, transportation, shopping, etc.). You’ll need four columns: the first column will be for your category names, then your projected budget, then what you actually spend, and finally the difference between the two. This planner is helpful to help prevent overspending and it can also help you be realistic about what you are actually spending on the trip. 

Travel Log

Create a travel log of the places you’ve been and the places you want to go! Keep this written on a VersaBoard as an easily-seen reminder or snap a picture and add on to your list on your phone. Organize by continent, region, or country using lists or draw your own maps for a visual representation.

Packing Lists

One of the most useful written travel documents, packing lists are wonderful for remembering everything you want to take with you on your travels. Break up your lists into clothing, toiletries, electronics, and other important categories to your trip. Use VersaBoards and VersaTiles to leave the lists in the correct rooms of your home.


A unique way to use writing to organize your trip is to write down your playlist ideas! Perfect for road trips or for wifi-less plane rides. Make one master travel playlist or break it up into moods and genres – find what works for you.

Kids Travel Activities

Use writing and drawing to keep your kids entertained on long trips! The Dash comes with multiple travel game templates from tic-tac-toe and hangman to freeform drawing and line games. You can also create your own templates like creating a map of the states and coloring in each state after finding their license plate.


Add in your own doodles of places you’ve traveled to or create beautiful travel-related quotes with handlettering or creative imagery. Create your own travel icons or logos and snap photos into your phone to use as wallpaper.


When it comes to summer travel, there are many ways to use handwriting to optimize your trip. Whether creating lists, doodles, or quick reminders, written travel planning can help you create your ultimate trip. Using handwriting instead of digital typing helps your mind to remember what is important to your trip. Try out these many planner ideas and find out what works for you!

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