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Dashboard™ Semi-Transparent Memo Board

The semi-transparent memo board for office organization and notes

  • Write with the stylus or your fingernail.
  • Clear completely with the push of a button.
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Easy to use

To get started, just simply start writing. Because Dashboard uses Boogie Board’s patented technology, you’re able to write using anything you have handy, whether it’s the included stylus or even your fingernail!

Erase with the push of a button

With Boogie Board’s unique Quick Clear technology, just push the button and watch Dashboard clear itself. You’ll never find any messy erase marks—it stays as clear as the first day you got it.

Say goodbye to clutter

There’s a convenient stylus holder at the top so you don't have to worry losing your stylus. With the organization templates, your family will stay on track whether a. home or on the go. Plus, there’s no cord or anything to plug in so it’s always ready to write!

Tested for quality

Dashboard memo boards have been extensively tested for durability and long-lasting use.


Dashboard is the organization memo board designed for kitchen or home office organization. The 10” memo board with stylus and bumper case is ready for notes, doodles and messages.

Start writing using the stylus or anything you have handy.

When you’re ready to erase, just push the button and the memo board clears itself using Boogie Board’s QuickClear™ technology. Switch on the Erase-Lock so that you don’t accidentally erase the memo board.

Comes with a 10" memo board, a stylus, stylus holder, three 2-sided templates and an attachable bumper case.


  • One Dashboard memo board with 10” writing surface
  • One stylus and attached stylus holder
  • One-touch button that activates Boogie Board’s QuickClear™ technology
  • Erase-lock switch
  • One bumper case for added protection
  • Three 2-sided templates featuring lines, grids and planner

Common Questions


What do I do if I've lost my stylus?
We sell Dashboard™ Styluses in case one gets lost or you'd like another! Available here.

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