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Notes, Games, and More

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Notes, Games & More. No pens. No mess. Instant erase.

Write with the inkless stylus, or write with anything. Even your fingernail. One button press instantly erases the entire board electronically.

Includes 10 Family Fun Activity Cards

  • One Dash Family Fun drawing kit with reusable drawing tablet
  • Ten (10) activity templates
  • One-touch button to erase the drawing tablet
  • One (1) stylus and stylus holder
  • Ages 4+


What instruments can I use to write on the Dash?
We recommend using our Boogie Board stylus, but any soft-tipped tool or even a finger will work. Nothing sharp as to prevent scratches to the writing surface.

What do I do if I've lost my stylus?
Visit our Accessories page or contact our support team.

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