Blackboard Deluxe Office Kit – Letter Size

This deluxe notetaking kit includes the Blackboard reusable writing tablet, folio, easel and two styluses.

  • WHEN YOU’RE IN WORK MODE: Blackboard is perfect for writing notes, marking up documents or sketching out ideas – all without using paper.
  • TAKE NOTES YOUR WAY: Slip one of the four notetaking templates (or any document) in the back and use the Blackboard Pen to start writing on the semi-transparent display.
  • ERASE WITH EASE: Use the Exact-Erase to erase exactly what you want or lock the writing board by switching on the Erase-Lock feature. To clear the board, push the button on top of the writing tablet, which activates Boogie Board’s unique QuickClear technology.
  • PERFECT FOR THE OFFICE: Whether you’re at home or in the office, use the folio for easy portability or the easel is perfect for desktop storage!
  • SAVE & ORGANIZE: Scan to save and organize your notes using our free Blackboard app for iOS and Android.
  • DELUXE OFFICE KIT INCLUDES: the Blackboard Letter, 4 templates, the Blackboard Letter Folio, easel & two Blackboard Pens
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Blackboard Letter
Blackboard Deluxe Office Kit - Letter Size

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The ultimate
writing tool.

Blackboard is the writing tablet that helps you focus on creating your good ideas while also giving you the freedom to get out all your bad ones.

The notebook for how you love to take notes

Perfect for taking notes, marking up documents or quickly sketching out an idea without wasting paper. You just write on the semi-transparent display with stylus, using one of the four templates or any document you’d like. It feels just like writing with a pen on paper.

Erase what you want, when you want

When you’re ready to start fresh, push the button to clear everything on the screen or use the Exact-Erase feature to erase exactly what you want, similar to a pencil eraser. Use the erase-lock button to keep from accidentally erasing your work.

Always on & ready to go

There’s nothing to charge or plug in so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it when you need it. Plus, you don’t need to worry about chargers so it keeps the clutter to a minimum.

Save & organize with the Blackboard app

Scan all your important notes with our iOS and Android app. You can organize them into folders so it's easy to find when you need to refer back to anything

Blackboard means no extra clutter or distractions

Those notebooks and papers stacking up on your desk? And the notifications all your iPad or laptop allow to slip in? Talk about getting easily distracted. With Blackboard, you can focus on the task at hand.

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Sophisticated technology in a simple package.


8.5" X 11” Semi-Transparent Writing Surface

Write on anything, just like pen and paper.


Blackboard™ Pen

Magnetic steel body with eraser.


Exact-Erase, Instant Clear Button and Erase Lock

Erase exactly what you want, when you want.


Magnetic Pen Holder

Keep your pen handy.

Effortlessly write on lines, grids, documents...anything.

Blackboard comes with 4 easy-to-swap templates designed for however you love to take notes.

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Blackboard by Boogie Board®

The ultimate writing tool.

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