STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

Boogie Board products drive learning through play

Here at Boogie Board, we're proud that many of our Kids & Creative Play products make great STEM / STEAM toys. We want them to be fun, exciting and cool to use. But we also know parents are increasingly concerned about the level of "learning and education" in toys and play activities their kids use, and providing products that encourage STEM / STEAM learning is a big part of our process.

boy using magic cketch on bedIn May of 2019, The Toy Association released a research study which details the 14 characteristics of toys that cultivate kids’ science & math skills. This report focuses on how companies can best develop and market products that support STEM / STEAM activities to enhance and foster learning for kids.

Great STEAM toys "encourage open-ended play and trial-and-error exploration, teach problem-solving, and allow children to lead the play experience". These characteristics are at the core of our Kids & Creative Play products. The write & erase nature of every single authentic Boogie Board provides kids with hands-on open ended play. Imagination is all that's required. For problem-solving, products like Magic Sketch, Play n' Trace and Jot Clearview come with math, writing and drawing templates. The semi-transparent LCD allows for nearly anything to be placed underneath, further expanding learning opportunities.

overhead view of Scribble n' Play with Math

Other STEM / STEAM toy characteristics include encouraging creativity, building confidence, and providing social skills. Scribble n' Play includes interesting texture tools and a rainbow-colored LCD that provides a unique, artistic flair. Kids can share their creations with friends and family, gaining confidence in drawing, writing and math skills through enjoyable play. Families can play together with the game templates on Boogie Board Dash, and everyone can enjoy taking turns writing and erasing together.

Our boards are simple and intuitive, but also provide kids with opportunities to develop and master important STEAM skills, in the classroom and beyond. We are proud that our Kids & Creative Play products have the ability to enhance learning while allowing kids to express their unlimited creativity.

List of top STEAM properties of authentic Boogie Board toys