Learn to Draw Flash Sale: Sketch Studio!

From 12/11-12/16, save 25% on Sketch tools! Sketch Studio will teach kids simple steps to create awesome drawings and includes traceable templates for hours of fun!

Sketch Studio Kids Drawing Kit Banner overhead kid drawing
Child using Sketch Studio Kids Drawing Kit at Table overhead view

Drawing development templates

The 21 templates are broken up into 3 stages that support drawing development. The templates teach kids how to draw shapes and symbols then progress by teaching them how to put those shapes together to make people, animals and characters.

Learn to Draw Stage 1: Build basic foundations

In Stage 1 (Templates 1-6), simple geometric shapes, such as circles, triangles and squares, are a key component of a kid’s developmental drawing skills.

Draw Stage 1 Templates
Draw Stage 2 Templates

Learn to Draw Stage 2: Master the basics

In Stage 2 (Templates 7-12), we take what was learned in Stage 1 and build upon those skills by adding slightly more context to their art. Kids will begin to understanding spatial relationships, new shapes/symbols, repetition and defining a subject or character.

Learn to Draw Stage 3: Advance to more complex designs

In Stage 3 (Templates 13-21), kids will now have a fair understanding of the basics of drawing and how objects relate to one another by use of new techniques like overlapping, foreshortening and scale. In this stage, their new attention to detail aids in their goal to achieve a more realistic drawing.

Draw Stage 3 Templates
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