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Re-Write for Your Classroom

Re-write is the #1 dry-erase board replacement for education.

Each Re-Write Class Pack comes with 12 reusable writing boards that last for years.

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Re-write is the reusable classroom answer board
that makes learning fun and engaging.

Write with anything

Kids can use the included stylus, a pen or even their fingernail. No need to buy special markers!

Erase instantly

With the push of a button, the board clears itself instantly. Say goodbye to using erasers or paper towels.

Clean easily

Disinfect each board in a flash with any available cleaning product. You won’t have to worry about ruining the board.

Use repeatedly

Re-Write uses Boogie Board’s patented technology, so there’s nothing to plug in or charge. It lasts for years and includes a replaceable battery.

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“We’re able to use Re-Write all throughout the day with different subjects. It’s getting them active in their learning and they’re excited to use them.”

-Mrs Redd, 2nd grade teacher

Introducing Boogie Board Workshop

Boogie Board Workshop lets you craft and up your Re-Write experience...