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Kent Displays is a global leader of a unique eWriter display technology. It has expertise in research, development, roll to roll manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods design and assembly using the eWriter technology. Kent displays also commercializes and sells the eWriter technology under its brand Boogie Board in a multitude of global retail markets.

Boogie Board eWriters have been in existence since 2010 and have become ubiquitous when it comes to electronic writing with the most natural feel of handwriting. Kent displays is using the market success in consumer retail and introducing the eWriter technology in other OEM markets including consumer electronics, mobile electronics accessories, security, healthcare, and education.

Kent Displays was founded in 1993 by Professor Bill Doane of the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University and William Manning of Manning and Napier, Rochester New York. Years of development have gone into commercialization of the cholesteric display technology. Over the course of many years Kent displays has developed expertise in supply chain of flexible crystal films, roll to roll manufacturing, as well as materials, process, and devices. The world’s first roll to roll manufacturing line dedicated to bistable cholesteric displays was installed in 2008. Today Kent Displays runs two complete roll to roll manufacturing lines dedicated to flexible eWriter display technology mass production. Future expansions are in development to service the growing eWriter demands.

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