Boogie Board® Swap Program

Have you been duped into buying a copycat LCD tablet that looks or sounds like a reusable Boogie Board® writing and drawing tablet?

If the answer is “yes,” fear not! You’ve come to the right spot. 

Many have purchased copycat LCD tablet products unintentionally (thinking that they ordered an authentic Boogie Board® product), while others have ordered a copycat product while comparison shopping. We understand being price conscious, but also want you to see what you are missing.

As the inventors of the world’s first reusable LCD writing tablet, the Boogie Board® team wants you to experience the quality and magic of our products in person (even if you’ve been using one of the “other guys”).

Simply fill out the below form (it’s short, we promise!) and you’re on your way to receiving an authentic Boogie Board® tablet from our headquarters in Kent, Ohio.

Upgrade your copycat LCD tablet to Boogie Board® in three easy steps

Snap and attach a photo of yourself with your current copycat tablet. On the board, write "Not A Boogie Board" as well as date and initial (see example below)

Provide the best mailing address as to where we can send your new reusable Boogie Board® tablet

Read through and accept the Terms & Conditions to be eligible

We hope you love your new reusable Boogie Board® writing and drawing tablet and that it provides endless hours of creativity, inspiration and organization for you and your family. Should you feel so inclined to share on social media, please be sure to tag us (@myboogieboard) and use #myboogieboard.

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