Boogie Board

Xerographer Fonts

August 01, 2014

Xerographer Fonts is a font company that uses a Boogie Board Rip eWriter (discontinued, replaced by the Boogie Board Sync 9.7 eWriter) to design their new fonts. CEO Max Infeld wrote to us to share how his designers love using the Rip for their business.

We love using the Rip in making fonts because it makes content creation so much easier. We give a Boogie Board tablet to our guest artists as an alternative to pen and paper. This allows the artist to produce rapidly, while allowing the designer to directly manipulate the file without the need for photography or vectorization. It’s an innovative product. It’s our favorite tool in the office.

Font Screenshot Screenshot of a Xerographer Font creation in Adobe® Illustrator from a saved PDF.

Max adds, "It’s inexpensive and perfect for the vector artist. It generates the files in individual PDFs, which are great to drag into illustrator and start designing." Thanks for sharing such a creative use of our Boogie Board eWriters, Max! See the Xerographer Font type collection on