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Robert Hoaglan

April 19, 2014

Robert Hoaglan

Vietnam Veteran Determined To Find Cure for ALS, Uses Boogie Board eWriter as Communication Tool

Boogie Board eWriters were recently featured prominently on NBC News. A story discussing the possible connection between veterans and ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, followed Bob Hoaglan, a Vietnam veteran diagnosed with the disease who uses a Boogie Board Original 8.5 as his primary tool for communication.

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In response to learning about his use of our Boogie Board eWriter, we were compelled to send a care package of our other products along with a letter personally from CEO Dr. Green. Below is his response upon receiving the package.

I received the package that you sent to me just yesterday. I have uses for all three of the writing pads.
  • The Jot 4.5 is great for things like going to the grocery store where I need to use my hands a lot. No need to set it down, just drop it into my shirt pocket.
  • The Jot 8.5 which is the same size as the one I have now but with the lock feature. This one will be my primary communicating tool, and it just looks great.
  • The 10.5 tablet will be used for communicating around the house where I will be able to make longer sentences. I absolutely love all of them. I have been so impressed with the eWriter every since I got it and people I talk to say how cool it is when they see it in action. Not only do you have great products, you are a great company as well. I am extremely touched by your generosity.

Hoaglan holds his Boogie Board that he uses to communicate. Hoaglan holds his Boogie Board that he uses to communicate.

Please visit the ALS Association website to learn more about ALS and how you can support efforts to find a cure.

All Images Copyright Ann Johansson for NBC News