Boogie Board

Nick's Picks

September 13, 2013

Kent Displays Partners with Nick’s Picks to Provide Boogie Board eWriters to Children Dealing with Chronic Illness

When 13-year-old Nick Wallace was recovering from his liver transplant he created Nick’s Picks - a charity that delivers backpacks to hospitalized children, each filled with items that Nick loved most during his own hospital stays. "I was in the hospital with tubes down my throat and I couldn’t talk. That’s why the Boogie Board was a great solution for me. Since I couldn’t talk, I could draw my feelings and questions."

Nick's Pics

Watch the video below to learn more about Nick’s journey and the creation of Nick’s Picks. Nick has already dropped his backpacks off to children in several hospitals across the state of California and with the help of his sister Lexie, he hopes to distribute more than 300 backpacks in 2014.

For more information on how to support Nick’s Picks, please visit