Boogie Board

Japan Says Goodbye to Paper, Goes Green With Boogie Board™ Paperless eTablet

June 01, 2010

Kent Displays announced today it is expanding distribution for the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet in Japan based on high demand for the environmentally-friendly alternative to paper. Kent Displays subsidiary Improv Electronics launched the Boogie Board tablet in the United States in January 2010.

Part of Kent Displays’ Push Green™ initiative, the Boogie Board tablet provides a highly-effective vehicle to reduce everyday paper consumption in the home, office, and classroom. While most reduction strategies have focused on computer-related activities, an equally significant amount of paper is used for writing memos, jotting down ideas, and making reminders/lists. The Boogie Board tablet is the revolutionary paperless device that can be used for all these purposes as well as a wide variety of student activities including handwriting/arithmetic practice, solving equations, drawing pictures and playing games. It is a must have learning aid that can replace note pads, loose leaf paper and chalk, magnetic and dry erase boards.

Although the initial launch focused on the U.S., demand for the Boogie Board tablet in Japan was immediate and has grown steadily since. To satisfy this demand, Improv Electronics now offers reduced shipping rates to Japan through its own online store as well as Both stores are accessible from Authorized resellers will begin selling the Boogie Board tablet in Japan in the near future.

The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet is the first paperless writing tablet to utilize a pressure-sensitive, Reflex™ LCD from Kent Displays for its writing surface. Unlike glass LCDs, the Reflex LCDs used in Boogie Board tablets are impact-resistant, flexible plastic. They are also reflective. Images are generated and retained indefinitely without power. A small amount is needed to erase (supplied by a coin cell battery, which executes over 50,000 erase cycles). At $35 USD retail, the Boogie Board tablet’s cost per erase is 15 times less than the cost of a comparably-sized sheet of paper.

Images are created with an included stylus or any other instrument that will apply the desired pressure (even a finger nail). The Boogie Board’s Reflex LCD is highly responsive to variable pressure, allowing different line thicknesses to be easily created (great for sketching) and providing a writing experience very similar to paper and pencil.

The Boogie Board tablet is customizable for integration into third party devices (e.g., computer keyboard).