Boogie Board

Dr. Mark Hom, MD

May 13, 2013

Dr. Mark Hom, MD

We recently had a Boogie Board fan send us a couple of amazing illustrations on his new Boogie Board Original 8.5! Dr. Mark Hom from Virginia writes, "Your product is amazing! The touch sensitive surface and stylus make it easy to draw lines of different thickness, unlike a pencil, pen, or brush. In fact, I think it is better than all three of those. It is also very good for pointillism style. The fact that you cannot go back on a stroke makes you commit and draw with confidence. Also, you cannot covet your latest masterpiece….just hit the button and move on to the next."

You can see more of his artwork below, most of them quick 10-minute sketches. One of his sketches is also featured in his book The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance, and Endurance, which can be found on Thanks for sharing, Dr. Hom!

Dr. Hom writes, "Here is another example, this time demonstrating a Boogie Board technique for people who say "I can’t draw." Print any Internet or file image (in this case, Arnold from "Predator" and Clint Eastwood) on paper, lay the paper on the surface of the Boogie Board, lightly trace the outline of the figure, remove the paper from the Boogie Board but keep it for reference, and fill in the picture with the stylus. The touch sensitive LCD technology allows you to trace through paper, which is another unique feature of this medium. By getting the proportions right with a light tracing, you can draw a reasonable likeness of someone using the Boogie Board, with little artistic skill required."

Dr. Hom also writes, "The toad sketch is an example of pointillism technique. The fine dots were done with the stylus tip and the larger dots were done with a rounded pencil eraser. Pointillism has scientific basis in that light is made of quanta of photons. With traditional pencil drawing you draw areas of darkness and shadow. With the Boogie Board you draw areas of light, which is another reason it is an interesting artistic medium."