Boogie Board

Brenda Willmott

February 17, 2014

Boogie Board eWriter Proves Valuable Communication Tool for Mother with Motor Neuron Disease

We recently received a letter from Ryan Willmott, a resident of Surrey, UK. Ryan was inspired to send us a letter and share his mother Brenda’s experience with one of our products.

Brenda was 58 years old, fit, and healthy when she was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND), a progressive disease that attacks the brain and spinal cord. MND patients slowly lose the ability to control basic functions such as speaking, swallowing, gripping, and walking. Unfortunately Brenda lost the use of her voice very early on and communication with pen and paper was frustrating after her hand muscles weakened and her handwriting became difficult to read.

Ryan’s cousin happened to discover the Boogie Board eWriter while on a business trip to the United States and recognized that it might be a helpful communication aide for Brenda so he purchased one for her. According to Ryan, the use of our product made a huge difference for his mother.

“It was clear, precise and was able to give my mum the freedom to communicate freely and easily with friends and family,” Ryan stated. “The Boogie Board also gave my mother the chance to speak to family members and doctors about important things such as her will and future medical treatment she would receive. The Boogie Board was my mum’s lifeline, it still gave her the opportunity to be independent, and it also gave her the chance to have near normal conversations, without family members having to talk for her.”

Sadly, Brenda lost her battle with MND on February 11, 2014. It gives us great pride to learn that after acquiring her Boogie Board eWriter, Brenda was able to chat, talk with friends and family and even gossip for the first time in a while. We are very thankful that Ryan shared his mother’s story with us, and we wish he and the Willmott family nothing but the very best.

Currently there is no known cure for Motor Neuron Disease, which also includes ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The number of individuals impacted by MND is growing rapidly with nearly 40,000 people living with the disease in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada combined.

Please visit the Motor Neuron Disease Association website to learn more about MND and how you can support efforts to find a cure.