Boogie Board

Betty Callas

May 28, 2014

Unexpected Use Found for LCD eWriter

National Key Accounts Manager for EMD Chemicals, Doug Callas, recently discovered an unexpected use for a promotional tool he and other employees had received at a company sales meeting. When Doug brought home the Improv Electronics Boogie Board LCD eWriter, for which Merck supplies the LCDs, he never thought the “green” product would eventually make a huge difference for his mother’s life during a recent surgery.

Doug’s wife is an RN and instantly made the connection between the product and his mother’s need for a writing tablet to express herself after undergoing a total laryngectomy (removal of the vocal chords) due to a very rare condition. So Doug bought a Boogie Board at Brookstone for his mom. She took it with her to the hospital and had no problem writing down her questions, etc. for the hospital staff as she recuperated. In fact, the LCD eWriter was a huge hit and became a distraction for her physicians, who were so fascinated by the product that they almost paid more attention to it than their patient! It never leaves her side.

Doug’s mom has recovered from her surgery and is now awaiting a prosthetic to assist her in learning to speak again. When she returns to the hospital for her day surgery, her LCD eWriter will be with her. “Who would have thought this product would have an application in healthcare”? said Callas. “It’s just great to know that my company is involved in such a creative use of LCDs”.

Doug Callas & 'Mom' Betty CallasDoug Callas & “Mom” Betty Callas