Boogie Board

Albany, New York Adult GED Class

June 06, 2012

Albany, New York Adult GED Class

Boogie Boards for Fun, Education and Organization

Boogie Boards are not just another techno-gadget. They are useful tools for everyone who writes a list, solves a math problem or communicates with others.

For tech geeks, parents, kids, students or anyone who uses paper for anything temporary, the Boogie Board LCD eWriter is a product with unlimited usefulness. Made by Kent Displays, this green writing machine is as cool as it is utilitarian.

Gone are the days when math computation has to be done on scratch paper only to wind up in a landfill. Messages for house members, to do lists, and many other notes of a temporary nature can be written on the Boogie Board and erased with a touch of a button. Even the mess of chalk and dry erase can be eliminated with this cool gadget.

The applications are endless for teaching environments. Math practice becomes much greener on a reusable surface. An additional benefit of using the Boogie Board is the integration of technology into a student’s learning experience. When learning is fun, it is much more effective.

For Use In Learning Environments

Thanks to the generous folks at Kent Displays, in an adult GED program in Albany, New York, the Boogie Board is an integral part of group instruction in math. During instruction, students are asked to do problems based on the lesson. Rather than using reams of scrap paper, the Boogie Board provides a surface to compare answers and check work among students. Because students want to use the Boogie Boards, the practice work is actually enjoyable.

A group of adult students trying to learn math after failed attempts at school throughout their lives can be a frustrating proposition. Pencil and paper can be reminders that school was never fun in the past. But, using Boogie Boards in a small group makes learning fun. The technology makes the lesson relevant to the world in which computers, iPads and texting are so prevalent.

A Tool for Parents

While the Boogie Board is a fantastic educational tool in the classroom, its use is certainly not limited to the school setting. Parents can use the Boogie Board in daily activities as well. When children are young, they require almost endless writing practice. In this way, the Boogie Board can save trees, piles of used paper clutter and parents’ sanity.

Keeping Organized at Home

Here are just a few examples of how the LCD Writing Tablet can be used at home: Practice writing notes back and forth with young children to reinforce letter and word formation. Have children write lists of chores, shopping needs or spelling words. Kids will do almost anything to get their hands on a Boogie Board, including multiplication tables, and math problems. Without knowing it, they are increasing their literacy and math skills by taking joy in the use of a gadget.

Even daily listing and organizing can be done on a Boogie Board. They’re small enough to carry and keep in a car, purse, briefcase or backpack for quick notes. Kept in a kitchen, the board can be used as a communication tool for members of a household to be in synch with each other’s whereabouts, phone messages, etc.

Whether used for household communication, or any variety of educational application, the usefulness of the Boogie Board is literally unlimited. Its compact form makes it a must-have gadget for anyone who writes anything, ever.