Carbon Copy

The surprisingly simple smart pen

  • NEVER LOSE A GREAT IDEA: Use the Carbon Copy pen with our Blackboard note taking tablets for all your great ideas (and even the not-so-great ones).
  • SAVE INSTANTLY: The pen instantly saves everything you write and streams it wirelessly to the Blackboard app for iOS and Android.
  • ORGANIZE, EDIT & SHARE EASILY: Once your notes are saved in the app, you can edit, save and share as well as organize into easy to access folders.
  • THE PERFECT BLACKBOARD COMPANION: The Carbon Copy pen must be used with a Blackboard Letter or Note tablet so it comes with Carbon Copy templates for both Blackboard Letter and Note.
Ships in 5-7 business days (after processing)

The Carbon Copy Pen saves all your great ideas instantly when used with the Blackboard Letter or Note paperless notebooks.

Upgrade your Blackboard note taking experience

The Carbon Copy pen saves every stroke of the pen instantly to the Blackboard app instead of scanning. When you’re ready for a new page of notes, just tap the C icon on the bottom right of the template, erase your Blackboard and you’re ready with a fresh page of notes.

Use your Carbon Copy template with any Blackboard.

All you need is to use the special Carbon Copy templates with your Blackboard Letter or Note (or you can borrow your friend’s in a pinch). The pen is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, not the tablet

Organize, edit & share with the Blackboard app

Once all your notes are saved in the app, you can edit, organize them into folders and share them with anyone.

How to Use Carbon Copy with Blackboard Letter or Note

Write on Blackboard: Start writing on the Carbon Copy template using your Blackboard Letter or Note and every stroke is saved into the pen. Now you’ll never lose a great idea!

Save Instantly: The pen will upload all your notes into the Blackboard app via Bluetooth. Just make sure your pen is on when you go to access your new set of notes. No more scanning!

Erase & Start a New Page: Once you’re ready for a new page of notes, simply tap the “C” icon in the bottom right hand corner to signal to the pen to start a new page. Then push the erase button at the top of the Blackboard and keep writing!

Organize, Edit & Share: Use the Blackboard app for iOS and Android to edit your notes or drawings, organize into folders and share with anyone as a PDF or image.