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Jot Clearview Kids Tracing Kit with Carry Case

The reusable kids tracing kit with Jot Clearview

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Jot Pocket Clearview is a kids tracing kit that’s designed to encourage creativity with a variety of templates. The Jot Pocket Clearview tracing kit includes a Clearview tracing board with 4.5” screen, carry case and protective cover along with learning templates to trace over.

Kids slip the template behind the semi-transparent tracing board and start drawing, doodling or playing games. Kids can use the included stylus or whatever they have on hand.

When they’re ready to start something new, they just push the button and the tracing board instantly clears itself!

This kids tracing kit is great for the playroom or on the go! Because it uses a replaceable battery, there are no plugs or chargers taking up space.

Jot™ Pocket Clearview is Stage 3: Imagine
Perfect for kids who are using their imagination to write and create with intention and purpose

  • One(1) Jot Pocket Clearview tracing board with 4.5” writing screen
  • One-touch button to erase the tracing board
  • One (1) carry case
  • Tracing templates
  • One (1) protective cover
  • Ages 4+


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Boy tracing
Girl-showing drawing on Clearview
Boy showing traced letters
Girl tracing bird from a book

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