Boogie Board

You deserve the real deal.

The genuine Boogie Board™ eWriter experience.

We sell in over 30 countries around the world. You can find our eWriters in major retailers, specialty toy and gift stores, online, and of course on our own website:

When you buy a genuine Boogie Board™ eWriter, you do the following:

  • Create and sustain American jobs for our highly-skilled and dedicated employees
  • Ensure legitimate and authorized resellers of Boogie Board™ products continue to grow, thrive, and continue to support innovative new products
  • Guarantee that you gain access to our exceptional Customer Support team
  • Protect you and your family with a product that has been quality-tested and certified to the highest industry standards
  • Reward innovators by protecting Intellectual Property (such as patents) so that breakthrough technologies continue to be driven by the American spirit

You know you have a genuine Boogie Board™ eWriter when you see:

  • The product is one of the ones you see on our website:
  • The "Boogie Board" trade and brand marks are shown on the product and packaging

Our Passion.

It's what goes into a genuine Boogie Board™ eWriter.

Our People

We are Kent Displays, Inc., the makers of Boogie Board eWriters. We're based in Kent, Ohio, USA, and our team of scientists, researchers, developers, engineers, manufacturing workers, designers, engineers, and dedicated business support staff spend every day passionately thinking about one thing – redefining writing through technology. We aren't a business unit or division in some greater conglomerate. This is all we do. The Boogie Board brand is our life.

Our Craft

We don't just sell great new writing experiences – we create them. We created the eWriter product category and we continue to drive it forward through technological innovation, breakthrough design, and compelling marketing. We do this by listening to the needs of writers, doodlers, and do'ers across all age groups. We're on an insatiable quest to advance the way we write and we're doing it every single day.

Our Design

We believe passionately that Boogie Board eWriters are for everyone. That's why we dedicate an enormous amount of energy towards product design that works. Whether it's to inspire creative play or spark creative confidence, we design with you in mind. No detail is ever left behind.

If you have any questions about our passion or the genuine Boogie Board™ eWriter experience, please contact us here.