Boogie Board eWriters improve learning and communication while saving money.

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A proven track record in productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

Boogie Board eWriters are among the fastest-growing communication and writing tools in classrooms all over the country. That’s not only because it writes so naturally – just like pen on paper – but also because it comes without any of the inconveniences found with other writing solutions.

Boogie Board eWriters deliver the convenience, comfort and freedom that comes with handwriting without the expense, waste, and hassles of paper, dry erase boards, and pens. And unlike tablet or computer-based systems, there’s no software to learn, no startups, and no loading. Boogie Board eWriters are always on and ready to use, with absolutely no training required.

Boogie Board Sync even seamlessly connects handwritten work to mobile devices and PC’s without any complicated copying or scanning – making it easy for teachers and students to easily turn their handwritten notes into digital PDF files and images.

A game-changing breakthrough in education.

Boogie Board eWriters have sparked an especially dramatic shift in education because:

  • Boogie Board eWriters help educators develop creative and innovative lesson plans, including STEM programs
  • Boogie Board eWriters are fun and engaging for students
  • Saves time and money compared to dry erase markers
  • Saves paper and allows workbooks to be reused because students can interact with activities without destructively writing in the book
  • Most models have replaceable batteries that last 7 years with nothing to plug in or charge